Advertising areas Maximum attention with minimal subsistence! We can offer you an interesting decision for the Bulgarian advertising market – the so-called Guerrilla Marketing.  
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Trade with fuels Our partnership with a few leading companies in the field of trade with fuels and the experience we have, are proofs for the development of a successful business relationships.
Spare parts for rolling stock Delivery of rolling stock, junctions, spare parts, rails, contact conductors (wires) for the rail network and the urban transport. Repair of all kind of locomotives and trains.
Preparation and Management of projects, financed by the European Funds We have an expert team with a longstanding experience in this field.
Publishing House Our publishing house is based on an ambitious program aimed at satisfying the growing demand in the Bulgarian market for professional business and economics literature.  
Technical examinations and repair of cars and trucks We do periodical technical examinations of all kinds of road vehicles, also specialized inspections according ADR (transportation of hazardous loads) and  ECMT(European Conference of Ministry of Transportation)/CEMT. We repair cars and trucks.
Agricultural lands Buying and leasing out of fertile and arable lands.  
Health call center Your confidential and independent connection with leading specialists and hospitals in Bulgaria and abroad.  
Trade with building materials Quality of the product, low price and delivery in time. These are our priorities here.  
Facility Management Management and maintenance of real estates, building systems, water- supply and sewerage infrastructures, electrical installations, fire detection systems, control over access, video surveillance, cleaning, planting, security, etc.
Livestock Our team of specialists has high qualification and extensive experience – proven in Bulgaria and abroad. The main segments of our activity are Reproductive Management system, early diagnosis of pregnancy, Genetic Management system, Quality system for milk. Systems and technologies for growing and feeding of animals, selection programs, business projects for Fund “Agriculture”.
Translation services Authorized translations in and from the following languages: German, English, Russian, French, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian, Arabian, Turkish, etc.  
International transport and forwarding International transport of goods mainly to and from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway and Turkey. Quality fulfillment of your requests.
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